Introduction to LOCKING DANCE
SABURO     Winner of the global dance competition!
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Introduction to LOCKING DANCE
Level : an introduction/hobby
Class Length : 15 video lessons
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Master of Locking, Chang Bin Cho (aka Saburo)




Combination of funk and power

Locking, fun for both dancers and audience


Let's begin the lectures with Chang Bin Cho (Saburo),

winner of dance competitions in

United States, France, China, and Taiwan





- Career - 


Member of South Korea's leading Locking crew, 'Cosmic D-Flo'


2013 Winner - Taiwan OBS Locking Battle

2013 Winner - China KOD World Finals

2016 Winner - U.S. KOD World Cup Finals

2016 Guest - Taiwan's Emote Wiggle & Fire

2016 Winner - France PCBB

2018 Winner - Indonesia Eat D' Beat Performance

2018 2nd Place - BBIC Performance

2019 2nd Place - Korea Dance Delight


Dancer Chang Bin Cho (Saburo) began dancing at the age of 17

 Since then, he made his way into the dancing scene 

by showing off his skills in battles and performances






Anyone can easily learn and enjoy 

locking's funky and exciting moves through

Chang Bin Cho (Saburo)'s K-Master Class






Master a locking dance routine

that connects the basic rhythm, moves and steps

learned from the lectures


Complete the routine by adding your own style and vibe

Try it with the music!






To Those Who Are New to Dancing,


There's something I want to say.

First times are always important!


When it comes to dancing, it doesn't matter how much you've learned 

or how long your dancing career is.

It's the heart that matters and to always enjoy yourself!

I've made it this far as a dancer with heart and mind.

I hope you can always enjoy dancing!


From. Chang Bin Cho (Saburo) 




With detailed and thorough explanations,
Learn the basic moves and steps of locking
Anyone, including beginners can easily learn and dance!

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