Waacking Dance for Beginners
MAD J     No.1 Waacking Class from Choreography Director
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Waacking Dance for Beginners
Level : an introduction/hobby
Class Length : 15 video lessons
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Korea's representative waacking dancer 'Yunjae Cho (MAD J)'!

Bringing her own charm to her dance, she came to a K-Master Class

In the 14 years since she started dancing, MAD J has proven her skills and competence in her domestic and international waacking battle competitions and performance competitions, showing her side as a professional dancer.

After solidifying her basic skills in practical dance at Hanlim Entertainment Arts High School, where excellent domestic artistic talents are enrolled, she ...

2018 MAD J X 308 Visual Art Crew collaboration
2019 photographer 'Janya' portrait painting
2019 Freestyle Dance Video
2020 Choreography Director and Appearance
2020 British singer Joel Culpepper's 'Thought about you' Choreography Director
2021 Collaboration works with Kang Deok-hyun (painter), Kino (photographer), etc.

To date, she has collaborated with numerous artists and has made her own name widely.

In particular, after winning the 2020 'Holiday in waacking' vol.11 waacking battle contest, she also served as a judge in numerous competitions, including the 2021 'I FEEL WAACK' contest, proving her skills as a professional dancer.

Waacking dancer MAD J, who has built her own street dance area, delivers a class containing her own know-how, from her basic skills of waacking to step, choreography, and free dance through her K-Master Class.

Starting with the street dance that captured the world in the 1970s, let’s express her own style and the dramatic emotions she harbored within her with the waacking that melts into every choreography!

MAD J's Waacking Dance Class is highly recommended for those who want to show off her inner self!

Meet Yoonjae Jo (MAD J), a waacking dancer who boasts her deep and wide spectrum, at the K-Master Class now.

This is a class where you can learn attractive waacking dance that allows you to freely express your individuality.
Even those who do not know much about waacking or are beginners can learn easily and in a fun way.

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