Street Dance Joo Sehwan (Joopop)
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Street Dance Joo Sehwan (Joopop)
Level : an introduction/hobby
Class Length : 15 video lessons
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JOOPOP’s street dance popping dance class

With b-boying, locking and waaking, the old school of street dance 
and with much-love of POPPING dance

By bending the joints freely and with intense bouncing movement like a robot, 
let's all fall into the charm of popping

Popping master JOOPOP (Joo Sehwan)
As a teenager, he was fascinated by Michael Jackson's moonwalk and
entered the world of dance
With active activities and winning various competitions
he was recognized for his skill and became a street scene

Winner of < Zippo Hot Tour > competition in 2009
< Hi Seoul Festival > HOT Moon Hee-Jun’s main dancer
Samulnori 40ths anniversary performance < ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL > popping part, etc.

JOOPOP, who has firmly established himself as a dancer,
he is also a person who played a major role developing the street scene in Korea

As the original member of an organization called 'Earthquake'
he has been participating and organizing/planning street dance events for more 
than 10 years
Made more stages for dancers to stand and perform

With the goal of being an educator
Started with a first Popping Hyungjun Dance Academy (PAC),
Department of Practical Dance,
Hanyang University Future Talent Education Center,
Department of Street Dance,
KAC Korea Arts Center,
Baekseok Arts University Practical Dance Department Professor and Tenure, etc.
Striving constantly to nurture juniors to street scene

Following street dance, JOOPOP reached out to DJing

He expanded his own art world as a DJ
< Busan International Hip Hop Festival >, < funkstylers >, etc
Leading famous street events

Dance master who built up on various stages and podium
Let's learn JOOPOP's popping technique and know-how
at K-Masterclass


From basic to difficult positions
Learn the various techniques of popping with detailed explanations
Practicing the routine along with the song
Creating your own cool popping performance
In this class, beginners can easily understand and follow Popping

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