Idol choreography master
JINWOO     MBITIOUS, NCT 127, Nu‘est, Loco Choreographer
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Idol choreography master
Level : an introduction/hobby
Class Length : 11 video lessons
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'Mbitious' Jinwoo’s Idol choreography master class
NCT 127, GOT7, Loco, Stray Kids, etc

The Choreography director of Korea’s TOP stars! JINWOO

[Choreography Directing]
NCT 127 ‘PUNCH’, ‘Prelude’
NU’EST W ‘Help me’
Stray Kids ‘EASY’ 
GOT7 ‘Lullaby’
Lee Hong Gi ‘Cookies’
Eric Nam ‘Potion’
Loco ‘Waiting Room’

Started dancing Popping as a teenager 
and swept the championship in various battles, 
making him famous as a charismatic battler

Since then, he has turned into a choreographer, 
and since 2017, he has worked as a dancer for the nation's largest dance studio 
"1MILLION Dance Studio."

With his outstanding dance performance, creative sense, and trendy dance line, 
he has already secured many fans in the dance scene 
and is known for his reputation,
and he will once again have a chance to show his presence 
in the world in the summer of 2022

The battle stage of the best dancers in Korea!
At Mnet's ‘Street Man Fighter’ prequel program, the Mnet ‘Be Mbitious’, 
he broke through prominent dancers and was selected as the final eight!
He became a member of the Avengers dance crew ‘Mbitious’ 
and said, "Sexy! Sticky! Calmly!" and revealed his powerful presence!

- Major Activities - 

[TV Appearances]
2022 Mnet 'Street Man Fighter'
Mnet 'Be The SMF'
Mnet 'Be Mbitious'

As strong as his first impression of his red hair in Mnet ‘Street Man Fighter’,
he received favorable reviews from the judges for his sensuous 
and trendy expression,
especially in the eyes of the Global Start BoA, 
and attracted public attention

The art itself contains the vibes of ‘Mbitious’ Jinwoo, 
who has accumulated not only in Choreography but also in various genres 
such as Popping, Hip-Hop, Locking, and house dance

JINWOO is at the center of K-pop performance 
that the world is paying attention to, 
solidifying his area in the scene as a dancer and choreographer

Having the creative elements of the K-pop choreography director 
and the lessons details of the former professor of practical dance,
It's time to learn the choreography created by Jinwoo!

CL 'Spicy'
Imagine Dragons 'Believer'
NCT127 'Lemonade'
You can learn basic rhythms, steps, and applied routines along with the choreography of three songs

A Born to be dancer and a perfectionist
The class where his perfect know-how is melted in
Let's meet at Yoon Jinwoo's Choreography class


Basics and application of the Idol dance

Jinwoo's trendy way of expressing choreography

know-how of creating stylish performance


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