Gentle Krump Class
Knucks     ‘Street Man Fighter‘ Prime Kingz
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Gentle Krump Class
Level : elementary/intermediate
Class Length : 12 video lessons
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Krump Class by Knucks of 'Prime Kingz'


Krump dance that exudes powerful energy and overwhelms the audience with dynamic movements.

Knucks of 'Prime Kingz', a pioneer in the domestic krump scene and revered as a world class, is going to publicize krump in earnest at the K-MasterClass.

- Major experiences -

2022 Mnet 'Street Man Fighter'
2021 Mnet 'Street Woman Fighter' (Man of Woman)

2019 Mnet Show Me the Money 8 EK (K) - Diablo Stage Directed
Appeared on Jay Park M/V in 'If we miss out, it's not PARTY'

Korea's best competition WITB 2019 KRUMP WINNER
Krump World Championship EBS (European Buck Session) Team Battle Winner
Krump Japan Championship EBS (European Buck Session) Japan Winner
2019 KING OF BUCK Nagoya Second place winner
2019 KING OF BUCK Korea Second place winner

2016 Japan Krump 1 on 1 BATTLE 'HYPE GROND' panel of judges
2019 TREASON in New Zealand panel of judges

Knucks, who proved his skills in Krump's mainland, such as the United States of America and Europe, and rose to become a world-class Krump dancer.
He was also honored to receive the undername 'Monster Mijo' from ‘Big mijo,’ the founder of krump.

'The monster of the krump scene that tears the stage'

Founded in the late 90s as a street scene new school, this genre that has not received much attention until now has been imprinted in the public mind as a 'Prime Kingz' crew and a dancer called 'Knucks'.

Knucks, who made an exquisite impression just by appearing on screen - Dance variety show of Mnet [Street Man Fighter] that rocked South Korea in 2022.

His quote “We rip people apart with dance” became one of the hottest memes.

In a battle against YGX's leader "Deukie"
Knucks overwhelmed the audience with his monster-like krump
and became enthroned himself 
after being recognized by fight judge BOA and Eunhyuk.

Knucks, the world class krumper on stage.

You may think he’s a natrual-born conquerer,
he claims to have lived a completely different life before dancing.

From an ordinary student ‘Park Chan Kyu (Original name)’,
he grew up into a powerful and confident krumper ‘Knucks’.

Trying to learn Krump?
There are zero reasons why NOT to choose Knucks.

Only available in K-MasterClass.
Prime level krumping class.

Energy ㆍ  Groove ㆍ Skill
This class provides diverse curriculum using these three concepts.
You’ll be able to learn basic skills, routine, 
krump choreo, hat tricks and etc.

Knucks X K-MasterClass

Energy · Groove · Technique
Through the krump routine consisting of three concepts, you can learn from basic moves to special moves.
Efficiency that even beginners can easily fashion, training that leads to growth as a krumper, and mental strengthening are the lesson points of the Knucks class.

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