HANS     Legend of men‘s waacking
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Dancer Hans' Waacking Choreography Class



Waacking, a dance with fascinating arm movements.

The one who made the scene in Korea

when the street dance craze started.

Meet dancer Hans and learn his 

Waacking know-how's in K-MasterClass





- Main activities -


2020 Hallyu Hip Hop Culture Awards, producers - Grand prize

2021 Web series 'Turn the street' - Choreography producer

Waacking battle 'WAACKER'S NIGHT' - Host


2018 Japan's "Waack city Final" - Judge

2019 Hong Kong waacking battle "GET UP AND GET DOWN" - Judge

2019 East Asian dance competition, "FIND ME MYSELF"

2020 '4th International Dance Grand Prix' - Judge

2021 'Cheonan Street Session Crew Battle' - Judge

2021 Waacking Battle "DANCE WAR" - Judge


Hans is a dance event producer of the renowned annual Waacking festival 'WAACKER'S NIGHT'. He also a 1st generation dancer who contributed in the street dance scene as a dancer, judge and a professor.


Hans, also known as the father of waacking, is known as one of the most famous dancer in Korea With "La Chica" Peanut and "Prowdmon" Lip J (Dancers from Street Woman Fighter). 




'Art, expressing with sophisticated movements'


He's still dancing as a career

and finds the key only in his own dance.


He's not limited to one genre.

Hans' waacking changes the the way we look at the dance and body movements.



Hans' dance class covers

various waacking movements, applications, and collaboration know-how with soul dance. To enable more colorful and rich waxing expressions.


Check out the bible of Waacking, detailed lessons of the 1st generation dancer, only in K-MasterClass. 

World Class Wacker, choreographer Hans' dance know-how.
Combination of various waacking movements and choreography routines.
Rich and colorful way of expressing music.

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