• What kind of platform is K-MASTER CLASS?
    K-MASTER CLASS is an online and offline convergence art education platform. In the ‘Master Class’ section, stars and professional artists in each field related to art will tell you in detail the experience, know-how, and expertise they have in video. The genres range from dance, instrumental music, composition, sound, vocal, singer-songwriter, hip-hop, voice actor, gag, live commerce, creator, model, webtoon, and design. In addition, you can receive direct feedback from instructors through ‘Open Class’, an offline workshop, and furthermore, you can build a network with artists and even upload performances. Join the K-MASTER CLASS that makes you an artist."
  • What is the difference between ALL CLASS PASS and ART CLASS PASS?
    ALL CLASS PASS is a paid viewing ticket (payment method) that allows unlimited viewing of all classes and ART CLASS PASS for a certain period of time from the purchase date of all classes within each genre. During the contract period from the date of purchase, there is no limit on viewing and unlimited repeat viewing is possible, but downloading is not possible. You can watch classes that are opened after the time of purchase as long as it is within the contract period after purchase, and in the case of a class whose contract with an artist is terminated, the class may be deleted even within the contract period after purchase.
  • What are the payment methods?
    Payment methods include credit card payment, real-time account transfer, bank transfer, and mobile phone payment. The installment period may vary depending on the credit card company. When paying on a foreign language site, only credit card payments are accepted."
  • I received a coupon, how do I register?
    After logging in, click 'My Menu' at the top right, click 'My Coupon', write the coupon number in the blank space and click 'Register Coupon Number' to apply the coupon.
  • How are the chapters organized?
    Each class consists of several chapters, the number of which may vary depending on the nature of the class. The contents of the chapter include expert knowledge, practice methods, know-how, precautions, and follow-up in the relevant field, and are structured so that students can learn step by step.
  • Where can I check my payment history?
    For payment details, click 'My Menu' at the top right after logging in and click 'Payment History' to check all payment details. Click each paid class item to check detailed items.
  • What kind of artists conduct classes at K-MASTERCLASS?
    For artists of K-MASTERCLASS, if you look at the 'ALL CLASS' section in the main homepage, you can check the classes of currently open artists and the classes of artists that will be opened in the future by looking at the 'COMING SOON' section below. If you purchase the ALL CLASS PASS, you can watch all artist classes that are open for one year from the date of purchase, unlimited.
  • Can non-members purchase PASS?
    Non-members cannot purchase it. To purchase a PASS, please register as a member first. You can register as a member without making a purchase.
  • I purchased ONE CLASS PASS, can I exchange it for ALL CLASS PASS or ART CLASS PASS?
    You cannot change your ONE CLASS PASS to ALL CLASS PASS or ART CLASS PASS even if you pay the difference. If 7 days have passed since you purchased your ONE CLASS PASS and you have not watched any videos yet, you can refund your ONE CLASS PASS and purchase an ALL CLASS PASS or ART CLASS PASS.
  • How long can I take classes?
    You can watch unlimited videos for a certain period from the date of purchase. There is no limit on the number of views, unlimited repeat viewing is possible, and downloads are not possible.