1. Refund Rules

"(1) A refund policy applies to members through these terms and conditions.
(2) Members must express their intention to refund or change to the company through wired or wireless methods.
(3) Members may request a refund or change of paid services from the company in accordance with the following items.
(4) In principle, refunds are made in the same way as the payment method by the member, such as credit card payment, mobile phone payment, and virtual account transfer. However, if refund is not possible with the method of payment due to partial refund, etc., refund will be made in other agreed upon method.
(5) The K-Master Class refund principle is as follows.


(5)-1. ALL CLASS PASS, ART CLASS, and ONE CLASS can be refunded only 'within 7 days after payment' or 'if there is no history of use'.
① No refund will be given if more than 7 days have passed since payment.
② If the usage history occurs after payment, no refund will be given.
③ The criteria for usage history follow 'If there is a record of watching at least one video'. (It is also included if you clicked the video to play it.)
④ 'The act of downloading the workbook of the video' is also included in the usage history.
⑤ Usage history is applied the same regardless of device such as PC, mobile, tablet, etc.
(5)-2. If you purchase multiple contents at once for bundled products (ALL CLASS PASS, ART CLASS, etc.), even if you use only one or a certain category of contents, the amount proportional to the contents you do not use will not be refunded.
(5)-3. A full refund is possible from the day of the event up to 7 days before the event. Even if you do not participate after purchase, no refund will be given.
(5)-4. In the case of Open Class, if the event is postponed due to unavoidable circumstances, if you do not apply for a separate refund, it will be considered as participating in the postponed event and no refund will be processed.



(6) The refund principle for contents and open class related products is as follows.


Refund Request Date Refund Amount
Before delivery Full payment
From the time of shipment to 7 days after receipt of the product The full amount of payment
(however, the shipping cost for returning the product is deducted)
After 7 days from the date of receipt of the product Non-refundable


(6)-1. The refund procedure for the product will be carried out after the non-delivery or return of the product is confirmed.
me. If the product composition is different from the displayed/advertised contents, a refund is possible within 3 months from the date of receipt of the product or within 30 days from the date on which the fact was known or could have been known.
All. Refunds cannot be requested in the following cases.

① If the product is lost or damaged due to reasons attributable to the member
② In case the value of the product has significantly decreased due to the member using or partially consuming the product
③ In case the value of the product has significantly decreased to such an extent that resale is difficult over time
④ If the packaging of the product that can be reproduced is damaged
⑤ When the provision of digital content products is started
⑥ When the company notifies and obtains consent in advance that refunds may be restricted for products that are individually produced according to the order
⑦ If there are other reasons stipulated in the relevant laws or the terms and conditions



2. Exceptions and other matters

(1) K-Masterclass refund exceptions are as follows.
(2) If a member is forced to withdraw from the company in violation of the relevant laws and regulations and the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, the refund provisions of this article do not apply.
(3) The amount acquired by the member due to discount coupons, etc., provided free of charge to the member by K-Masterclass is not refundable.
(4) If a financial fee is incurred during the refund process, 10% of the payment amount may be deducted and refunded in accordance with relevant laws.
(5) Refund conditions may be temporarily relaxed for reliability enhancement or events.
(6) You must check the provision period of the purchased service in advance, and you cannot request a refund for the reason that the service is no longer provided due to the end of the provision period.



3 Revision of Policy

(1) The company may revise this policy to the extent that it does not violate relevant laws such as 「Act on Regulation of Terms and Conditions」 and 「Act on Electronic Commerce and Consumer Protection」.
(2) If the company revises this policy, the member will be notified by electronic means by specifying the major revision details and effective date.




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December 1, 2021